Introducing Live Competition

People don’t want to attend long trainings without interactivity anymore!

Thanks to the Live Competition Mode, transform your training into a wonderful experience!

Attendees answer your questions, you comment the results, give the correct response and then you display the ranking of the 5 people who obtained the best scores.

Attendees complete your quiz with their smartphones

Follow the number of respondents and the results in real time

Who is the Winner?

Ranking of the 5 best attendees. Authentication with LinkedIn, Facebook,

Wooclap's new features


We are proud to present some new features that have been developed.

  1. Switch from your PowerPoint presentation to the participants’ questions in one click
  2. A complete event report
  3. Display the results of a test or a poll question by question
  4. Zoom on an image
  5. The new moderator interface

Go to Wooclap’s website to test the new features and improve your event’s interactivity !

Wooclap’s feature 1: The transition from the presentation to the participants’ questions.

It is now possible to switch from your PowerPoint to th