iLearning Forum 2017

Last week, we were at the iLearning forum in Paris to discover the latest digital learning trends, and to present our collaborative solution to the edtech world.

“We see a revolution in training and teaching. Pedagogic innovations multiply our learning abilities” says Nicolas Bourgerie, founder of VeryUp. Here are the innovations we will keep in mind after this iLearning Forum.

Personalization and adaptive learning

We have made progress in the evolution of e-learning tools and digital strategy within the learning techniques” (So

Digital learning: 6 figures to keep in mind

Digitalization is becoming a growing reality for training managers.

Each company has to adapt to new methods and the needs of their employees. How to choose ? What are the trends and important numbers as of today ?

53%: The number of enterprises which have adopted blended learning. This number depends on the number of employees and the type of company. Typically, the more workers it has, the more the company mixes pedagogic methods.

-5%: With the development of blended and digital learning, pure face-to-face training sessions h

What are the digital learning trends that will shape 2017 ?

A new year means new trends. It is no less true for the digital learning world !

Let’s start 2017 with an overview of what is going to trend for all the digital teachers, trainers and learners out there.

More and more HR people and managers are interested in going digital for the training sessions in their companies and are ready to imitate the many teachers who are flipping their classroom, digitizing their teaching or going for blended learning.

The HR department and digital learning

Thanks to digital learning, welcoming new c

How is the flipped classroom helping with student engagement ?

A highly important component of education: student engagement

One of the particular elements of effective teaching is student engagement. Their engagement rate is critical and directly related to the way they learn. Students who hit the highest engagement rates will be better at reflecting, anticipating, evaluating, making connections between ideas, questioning and having a critical mind.

The first thing to acknowledge is that students are more likely to be engaged if they can find support by educators.
How can you support your stu

What are the benefits of Blended Learning ?

Traditionally, it is often thought that technology is a distraction to overcome if you want to achieve an efficient learning process. But mindsets are changing, and for the better!

Those past couple of years, people have been increasingly talking about the integration of online tools in the classroom, also called blended learning.

Blended learning brings together the best of both classroom learning and E-learning to optimize learning and comprehension. This new form of education shifts part of the classroom to an online environment