The prestigious Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA) is going digital

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The famous Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA), through whose doors many French and foreign senior officials pass, is modernising its courses by integrating new digital solutions in its training curriculum.
According to Eric Befort, the head of the Department of Digital Uses and Information System, the school still has a long way to go in terms of technology. However, with this in mind, the management has decided to start modernising over the last two years.

4 concrete examples that ENA has put in pl

The science Motivating learners – How to design course that help learners stay engaged based on psychological principles of motivation

Sally Ann MOORE

Today, we have the pleasure to learn about Sally Moore's point of view on how to design course that help learners stay engaged based on psychological principles of motivation

Introduction and Background

Since eLearning was first introduced into working life in the mid 1990’s, learner engagement and course completion has always been an issue. Recently the French eLearning press has published several articles with thoughts and advice from leading players –talk of measures, rewards and evaluation, and inevitably talk of tools t

5 Reasons to Use Voting Devices

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Why use a voting device?

Here are 5 reasons put forward by Vincent Laberge, a Research Officer at ETS and Eric Francoeur, a lecturer at ETS

  1. Fun and motivating, these devices make it possible to revitalize the course, especially in the context of teaching in large groups. They are known to keep distracted students' attention and to reduce absenteeism.

  2. The anonymity of the respondents in relation to their colleagues allows complete student participation, including those who are reluctant to express thems

iLearning Forum 2017

Last week, we were at the iLearning forum in Paris to discover the latest digital learning trends, and to present our collaborative solution to the edtech world.

“We see a revolution in training and teaching. Pedagogic innovations multiply our learning abilities” says Nicolas Bourgerie, founder of VeryUp. Here are the innovations we will keep in mind after this iLearning Forum.

Personalization and adaptive learning

We have made progress in the evolution of e-learning tools and digital strategy within the learning techniques” (So

Digital learning: 6 figures to keep in mind

Digitalization is becoming a growing reality for training managers.

Each company has to adapt to new methods and the needs of their employees. How to choose ? What are the trends and important numbers as of today ?

53%: The number of enterprises which have adopted blended learning. This number depends on the number of employees and the type of company. Typically, the more workers it has, the more the company mixes pedagogic methods.

-5%: With the development of blended and digital learning, pure face-to-face training sessions h