The prestigious Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA) is going digital

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The famous Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA), through whose doors many French and foreign senior officials pass, is modernising its courses by integrating new digital solutions in its training curriculum.
According to Eric Befort, the head of the Department of Digital Uses and Information System, the school still has a long way to go in terms of technology. However, with this in mind, the management has decided to start modernising over the last two years.

4 concrete examples that ENA has put in pl

Wooclap Case: AppTweak at ASO Barcamp

London recently hosted the 4th ASO Barcamp in the Adapt Worldwide office

The Barcamp gathers the best app store optimization minds from all corners of Europe to compare notes, to share knowledge and bring everybody up-to-date with the current state of ASO or App Store Optimization.

Adapt Worldwide is a full suite multilingual digital agency focused on helping clients attain growth at home and abroad.

AppTweak, represented by its co-founder Olivier Verdin, was a part of this ASO Barcamp. AppTweak is an App Store Optimization (AS

Wooclap's case: The University of Strasbourg uses the Wooclap solution

(French below)

Recently, the University of Strasbourg decided to start using Wooclap during its lectures.

The University of Strasbourg is a French university located in Strasbourg, in the Alsace region. It is the second largest French university with more than 48,000 students and about 4,000 researchers.

The university observed that lectures held in large rooms were often not very interactive and that, most of the time, students were in a very passive learning position of "knowledge consumers". Based on this, the University of St

Wooclap's Case: UCL using Technology to Interact with Students

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Wooclap: a question to the audience, a response via smartphone. More interaction during classes at UCL.

UCL is a Belgian university with more than 28,700 students from 127 nationalities; more than 3,600 researchers and 2,000 doctoral students, half of whom come from abroad, and nearly 1,000 research agreements signed each year. Over 220 advanced education programs are taught there.

As part of its Digital University Project, UCL is offering all its teachers a new interactive tool: Wooclap. The objective? To facilita

Wooclap's case: Crowdsourcing Week Europe 2016 by BNP Paribas Fortis

“Learn about the new era of collaboration and innovation”

This was the guiding principle for the Crowdsourcing Week Europe 2016 (CSWEUROPE16), one of Europe’s biggest crowd economy conference. This event was organized at BNP Paribas Fortis in Brussels.

Crowdsourcing Week Europe BNP Paribas fortis with Wooclap

Crowdsourcing Week Europe 2016

This event was meant to discover the best practices in crowdsourcing but also in the collaborative economy. Those topics are currently changing our society, mindsets and the possibilities in the industries.

For 5 Days, about 80 speakers relayed one