Wooclap's case: Crowdsourcing Week Europe 2016 by BNP Paribas Fortis

“Learn about the new era of collaboration and innovation”

This was the guiding principle for the Crowdsourcing Week Europe 2016 (CSWEUROPE16), one of Europe’s biggest crowd economy conference. This event was organized at BNP Paribas Fortis in Brussels.

Crowdsourcing Week Europe BNP Paribas fortis with Wooclap

Crowdsourcing Week Europe 2016

This event was meant to discover the best practices in crowdsourcing but also in the collaborative economy. Those topics are currently changing our society, mindsets and the possibilities in the industries.

For 5 Days, about 80 speakers relayed one

Wooclap's case : Event - ACA Insurance Day

Last week, the ACA organized the 4th ACA Insurance Day, an annual event offering a general overview of the insurance sector and its prospects.

The ACA is the Association of Luxembourg Insurance and Reinsurance Companies. Its goal is to promote its sector both at national and European level, for the benefit of its members, while guaranteeing the protection and development of the profession as well as improved services for the public.

ACA Insurance Day with Wooclap

On Thursday 24 November, the company organized the 4th ACA Insurance

Wooclap's case : STIB-MIVB Career Event

“Innovative solutions serving technology” : this was the watchword for the STIB-MIVB Career Event on October 29th

The STIB-MIVB (Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company) is the local public transport operator in Brussels, Belgium. It is responsible for the metro, tram and bus lines in Brussels. It employs more than 8.000 people which makes it the first employer in the Belgian capital.

Last month, they organized an event to show the different aspects of their enterprise and different kinds of jobs. The goal was to recruit new people

Wooclap's case : Bruxelles Formation professional training sessions

Bruxelles Formation is the organization that is in charge of professional training in Brussels and its surroundings.

Rochane KHERBOUCHE, ICT Eduction project manager, explains how he uses Wooclap during his many training sessions.


Which Wooclap features do you use ?

When I create a new event, I use the “wall of messages” feature to make sure everything is alright and to introduce myself. I use it during the whole training program to interact easily with the audience.
Besides, I sometimes integrate Google Slides in my present

Wooclap's case : IBA Interactive Management Meeting

IBA used Wooclap to make its Management Meeting interactive and participative

IBA develops, manufactures and supports medical devices and software solutions for cancer treatment by proton beam therapy, for cancer diagnosis and for patient quality assurance (Dosimetry).
Olivier Legrain (CEO) does not believe in top-down management. This is why each and every member of the company takes part in the decision making process. At IBA, the atmosphere is laid back, interactive and serious at the same time. Employees are happy and passionat