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How does Franck Verschuren use voting systems during his classes to improve students participation.

Franck Verschuren is a specialist in internal medicine and emergency medicine and clinical professor at UCL. In this interview he explains how he uses voting system (EdTech), especially Wooclap, to improve students engagement.

Hello Franck, why do you use voting system such as Wooclap during your courses?

Wooclap is a solution which makes my courses interactive thanks to the voting system. 

I always had the desire to be able to check how my students were doing in order to explain material they couldn’t understand. Wooclap also lets me verify if my questions are well-phrased or if there are any ambiguities.

It’s very difficult for a professor to see if students are following the lecture, especially in a big auditorium. Interacting with raised hands doesn’t provide accurate results. Also, many students don’t want to raise their hands and some may be influenced by their classmates.

Which of Wooclap’s features have you used?

I use MCQs (Multiple choice questions) quite a lot. As a professor of medicine, I regularly add images in the question title or in the choices, so I use the zoom feature to enlarge the image when I need to.

What main benefits have you noticed with respect to the students?

My student love Wooclap! Wooclap is very fast and very easy to use for them. They are really happy to be able to participate in their learning and they love that more and more professors are using Wooclap.

What main benefits have you noticed with respect to you, as a teacher?

Wooclap is really great and very simple to use; everything is very clear and fast to set up.

In the past, I used voting system devices, but they were complex and time consuming to setup. On the other hand, with Wooclap, everything is integrated and there is almost nothing to prepare.

Thanks to Wooclap, attendance rates in my classes have reached nearly 100%!

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