Introducing Live Competition

People don’t want to attend long trainings without interactivity anymore!

Thanks to the Live Competition Mode, transform your training into a wonderful experience!

Attendees answer your questions, you comment the results, give the correct response and then you display the ranking of the 5 people who obtained the best scores.

Attendees complete your quiz with their smartphones

Follow the number of respondents and the results in real time

Who is the Winner?


Ranking of the 5 best attendees. Authentication with LinkedIn, Facebook, G

Wooclap's new features


We are proud to present some new features that have been developed.

  1. Switch from your PowerPoint presentation to the participants’ questions in one click
  2. A complete event report
  3. Display the results of a test or a poll question by question
  4. Zoom on an image
  5. The new moderator interface

Go to Wooclap’s website to test the new features and improve your event’s interactivity !

Wooclap’s feature 1: The transition from the presentation to the participants’ questions.

It is now possible to switch from your PowerPoint to th

5 steps to using Wooclap during your event

event Wooclap

Here are the 5 simple steps to follow to optimize your use of Wooclap during your event.

Step 1 : Prepare your events

Step 2: Ensure you have all the necessary equipment

Step 3: Invite your audience to connect

Step 4: Manage your presentations, polls, and participants’ questions in one click

Step 5: Analyze the results thanks to the report

Step 1: Prepare your event

Log in to your account on the Wooclap website

a. Create your interactions : polls, MCQs etc. Ensure that they are in the correct order for your presen

Wooclap's case: EFE by Abilways uses new technologies and intends to become the leader in European training

voting system

ABILWAYS intends to become the leader in European training over the long term to assist people and companies through strategic changes.

France Noiret, conference manager at EFE by Abilways Group, explains how using voting system and live Q&A allows her to improve the quality of her trainings.

Hi France, why do you use Wooclap for your events?

I wanted to change the usual monotonous conferences and trainings routine by adding interactivity and increasing the conversation dynamics between the audience and speakers. My goal wa

Wooclap's case: Franck Verschuren, professor of MEDICINE reached 100% of attendance rate

voting system

How does Franck Verschuren use voting systems during his classes to improve students participation.

Franck Verschuren is a specialist in internal medicine and emergency medicine and clinical professor at UCL. In this interview he explains how he uses voting system (EdTech), especially Wooclap, to improve students engagement.

Hello Franck, why do you use voting system such as Wooclap during your courses?

Wooclap is a solution which makes my courses interactive thanks to the voting system. 

I always had the desire to be able