Wooclap News: Moderator interface

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As you discovered in our previous article about the navigation bar, Wooclap has prepared a lot of improvements for 2017! Let us introduce you our brand new feature: the moderator interface.

You can access the moderator interface by clicking on the "M" button next to the name of your event. It allows the presenter to manage all the features easily on his screen. Here is what you can do thanks to this moderator interface.

Show a message in fullscreen

Click on the Magnify icon to display a message of your choice. It

Wooclap News: The navigation bar

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The beginning of a new year means new features and improvements for Wooclap!

Discover the first of them: a navigation bar that will allow you to easily display the votes and questions from your PowerPoint presentation.

Here are the features of the navigation bar:

  1. Switch to your PowerPoint/PDF presentation
  2. Find your live votes, questions and ratings
  3. Go to the wall of messages and questions from your audience
  4. Open/close vote
  5. Show or hide the results of your audience
  6. Show the right answer (if there is o

Wooclap's Case: UCL using Technology to Interact with Students

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Wooclap: a question to the audience, a response via smartphone. More interaction during classes at UCL.

UCL is a Belgian university with more than 28,700 students from 127 nationalities; more than 3,600 researchers and 2,000 doctoral students, half of whom come from abroad, and nearly 1,000 research agreements signed each year. Over 220 advanced education programs are taught there.

As part of its Digital University Project, UCL is offering all its teachers a new interactive tool: Wooclap. The objective? To facilita

iLearning Forum 2017

Last week, we were at the iLearning forum in Paris to discover the latest digital learning trends, and to present our collaborative solution to the edtech world.

“We see a revolution in training and teaching. Pedagogic innovations multiply our learning abilities” says Nicolas Bourgerie, founder of VeryUp. Here are the innovations we will keep in mind after this iLearning Forum.

Personalization and adaptive learning

We have made progress in the evolution of e-learning tools and digital strategy within the learning techniques” (So

Digital learning: 6 figures to keep in mind

Digitalization is becoming a growing reality for training managers.

Each company has to adapt to new methods and the needs of their employees. How to choose ? What are the trends and important numbers as of today ?

53%: The number of enterprises which have adopted blended learning. This number depends on the number of employees and the type of company. Typically, the more workers it has, the more the company mixes pedagogic methods.

-5%: With the development of blended and digital learning, pure face-to-face training sessions h